Certified Translations English and Dutch: Diplomas, Certificates, Study Guides, Legal, Financial and Medical Documents

Interline Translations

Interline Translations was established on 2 January 1996. Our freelance translators work from home, as a result of which our overhead expenses are low. Our quality is based on specialised extra training, many years of experience and a growing network. If time permits, the translation may be revised by a native speaker without extra charge.

Edine Bakker Sworn Translator
Managing Director: drs. Edine Bakker
Sworn Translator for the English Language
Wbtv nr: 3208

Our Core Businesss

In the past twenty years, Interline Translations has specialised in translating documents required for emigration to English-speaking countries. In the process of a visa application, it seems that the whole past of the applicant is reappearing: qualifications, financial situation, health as well as any legal matters will be playing a part. Our specialisations have arisen from this work experience. Translations of these documents often have to be certified.

Landen met Engels als officiƫle taal
Nations using English as an official language.