Certified Translations English and Dutch: Diplomas, Certificates, Study Guides, Legal, Financial and Medical Documents

Working Procedure

If you have a request for a translation offer, we must receive the text concerned. You may send your text by mail or e-mail, after which we can make an estimate of the number of English words.

Please indicate whether a translated document must be submitted in duplicate or triplicate. Sometimes the embassy requires a certified translation, while the professional organisation also requires one. Besides, it may be advisable to keep an extra certified translation for future use.

The offer is made on the basis of the estimated number of English words and the required number of certified translations. After you have sent us a confirmation of the assignment, the translation will be scheduled, after which the term of delivery will be determined.

Note: In the event that you apply for a visa, copies of your documents must usually be certified by a civil law notary. Please refer to “Certified copy”.

Quality and Costs

In our opinion, good quality is a self-evident aspect of our service, but we realise that favourable rates are also an important part of good service. If you intend to immigrate in the near future, you will already have to deal with high costs.

And if you are not a future immigrant, we would like to see you back as our client!.

In principle, we use a word rate for the number of words in the target language. In the event that a translation takes less time, because we already have a similar document in our files, you may also profit from that. In short, please apply for a tailored offer without commitment!

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